2. Control of a Story

Graduation project – MA Social Design, Design Academy Eindhoven

Bipolar disorder is defined as a mental illness and, as such, is still surrounded by stigma and misinformation. Its pattern is characterized by three moments: balanced moment, mania, and depression.

Starting from personal experience, in collaboration with a psychologist and therapist, I explored and developed a template for storytelling, to shape a lexicon to narrate different ways of being and feeling.

The template unwraps through a video and uses the language of fictional storytelling as a tool to encourage people to step outside the socially constructed reality and look at each other with fresh lenses and unbiased filters.

Link to the videos I have to learn how to embed:
︎︎︎ First Act
︎︎︎ Second Act
︎︎︎ Third Act


The planets from the videos get into their third dimension in the shape of three spheres, different in color, dimension, weight, and materiality. The set of spheres are meant to be personalized according to individuals' own experience and expanded adding elements to the initial storytelling.

The objects create a playground, an ambiguous transitional space, whose aim is to provide a narrative tool to empower the individuals and create new communication patterns and pathways between people that care about each other, developing a third position, situated halfway and mediating ways of being.