3. Moving in Stasis 

Performance within exhibition Moving in Stasis, Gallery 3 – Het Niewe Instituut, Rotterdam

Control of a Story, experimenting with the third 

An unfolding exhibition of 60 design Academy Eindhoven Graduates 2020 at Gallery 3 By You, het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam NL. Constructed as an evolving set-piece and culminating in a digital public programme, participants will occupy a hybrid structure over five weeks, formed in three acts: Installation, Production, and Public Programme. Entirely curated, designed, and developed by the graduates themselves, the exhibition disentangles and re-stages performance, film screenings, objects, writings, radio broadcasts, and more. With topics ranging from narratology to modalities of care, craft choreographies to invisible architectures, viewers and visitors are granted a behind the scenes insight into the working processes of sixty designers.

A further exploration of the transistional objects developed alond the graduation project. Now the props mediate a silent interaction beween two people, becoming carrier of meaning and intention themselves, thanks to their phisical language, conveyed by color, materiality, weight and dimension.

Pictures by Jaap Beyleveld