🦷 Unreliable Narrators


Rooted in the fascination of what lies in-between realities, the project crafts ceramic tiles as raw representations of dreams. Inspired by Gestalt psychology’s exploration of perception and pattern recognition, the title refers to the subjective nature of dreams and memories as well as because it expects an active engagement in the process of interpretation and storytelling.  Viewers become co-creators in adding layers of meaning and complexity to the ever-changing narrative, which depends on the tiles arrangement and the eyes that look at it.

The collection of 50 tiles has been developed within the residency programme at EKWC, Europea Ceramic Workcenter in Oisterwijk and supported by Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds and PPO.   

Shots below by Joost Verpoort

Images by Matilde Stolfa from the exhibition Dreams of dreams of dreams at Onomatopee, Eindhoven.