︎︎︎Portàli via di qua

In collaboration with Matilde Losi and Michela Casadio 
Residency and workshop at Habitat sponsored by Alpi Wood

In the hills surrounding Tredozio the skin separating our reality from the others becomes so thin it allows the passage. Portàli via di qua initiated the discovery of these portals and the narration of the worlds unravelling behind them. Through collaborative worlding and fictional storytelling, the projects contribute to the cultural reactivation of mid-areas in Italy. The intervention started with a playful approach and the aim to observe the space and to craft new meanings, engaging in a dialogue with the territorial specificity.

With the materials provided by Alpi wood, these portals have been assembled, narrated, and positioned in the ecosystem, to facilitate trans–realities visits.

Pictures by Alessandro Bonsignori