🔮 Flux – an aeon of dreaming

Realized in collaboration with Coline Declef, Charlélie Flamant, Qiaochu Guo, Elsa Rambaud, Mathew Dominic.

Illustrations by Elsa Rambaud

Technomagic is a word used to describe the blurring boundaries between technology, magic, and what seems real and feels not. Spanning from the thoughts of philosopher Federico Campagna about technic and magic, and ricocheting to the Urban Arcana of D&D, the research gets transformed into storytelling and narrated through two different languages.

The first introduces the research through the written word, in the shape of a fictional story, where the characters are based on the case studies analyzed, therefore hold behind them the tangible element.

The second is through body language, in the shape of dance. A group of dancers and perfrmers based in Poitier, France, has collaborated in a workshop where the characters of the narration (and case studies of the research) take life by means of gestures, movements, and human interaction.