1. Exploring the cosmology of a leftover land I

In collaboration with Waterschool M4H+ by Studio Makkink & Bey and IABR
Developed with Roberta Di Cosmo and Raphael Flipo

Pictures by Cosimo Beduini

Third Landscape as a biological necessity, conditioning the future of living things, modifies the interpretation of territory and enhances areas usually looked upon as negligible. It is up to the political body to organize ground division in such a manner as to assume responsibility for these undetermined areas, tantamount to concern for the future. –Gilles Clément

Starting from the notion of the third landscape by Gilles Clément, we dive into the exploration of Plot 003, one island of the archipelago of leftover land of Rotterdam, and we meet its inhabitants. Throughout the three-day experience, insects and plants have been the leading voice of the participatory act on the intervention area.
Plot 003 has been experienced as an open construction site where we operated with an archaeological approach. We have been carried by the textures and plant density, the number of insects and their way to move, the structure of the soil and the movement of light and shade. Observation and proximity to the space allowed us to map how it looks today and stimulate curiosity, outlined through small acts to narrate our experience. 

Workshop // mapping - archiving - exploring:

Pictures by Cosimo Beduini