My name is Matilde Patuelli, I'm very curious and I eat a lot. I miss traveling, I like humans, I love creatures, I’m fascinated by what feels new and different. I enjoy drawing, storytellers, magic, miniatures, games, and tomatoes.

I am a social designer and researcher.

My work explores reality perception, social constructs, and human interaction. Under the lens of care and well-being, I question the stigmas and misperceptions that surround our everyday life. In my projects often the research gets translated into educational tools through the use of diverse languages aiming to reinforce empathetic capacity and deconstruct misunderstandings.

At the present time, I am developing my design practice by looking at the fields of psychology and psychiatry and learning how to incorporate larp (live action role play) as a narrational and experiential tool for co-creation within this exploration.

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MA Social Design, Best Thesis Award
Design Academy Eindhoven, 2020

BA Industrial Design, Cum Laude
Università della Repubblica di San Marino, 2017

Congresses and Workshops 
August 2022, Methodology of Ambiguity at LarpIT, Bologna, IT

May 2022, Workshop At the Threshold of a Digital Slip, embodiment in a trans-reality workshop
for Europe Day, Bibliotheek Kennemerwaard, Alkmaar, NL

September 2021, Workshop Reality/Fiction at San Marino Design
Workshop with Bianca Carague, University of San Marino, RSM
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August 2021, Workshop Portàli via di qua Habitat.rt 
with Matilde Losi and Michela Casadio, Tredozio, IT

June 2021, Workshop Present by Nature, exploring the cosmology of a leftover land,
in colaboration with Studio Makkink & Bey and IABR, Rotterdam, NL

2021, ISPCAN, International Congress, Milan 2021
The International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect

2022, Drop City – Infiltrazioni, Tunnel 50
Salone del Mobile, Milano, IT

2022, Alcova/22 + Garden of Delights WATERSCHOOL M4H+
Salone del Mobile, Milano, IT

2021, ADI Design INDEX 2021
ADI Design Museum, Milano, IT

2021, Alcova/21
Salone del Mobile, Milano, IT

2021, ISPCAN, International Congress,
The International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect

International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, NL

2021, "Moving in Stasis" 
Gallery 3 By You, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL

2020, Dutch Design Week - GS20

2019, “I See That I See What You Don’t See” 
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL

2019, Dutch Pavillion “I See That I See What You Don’t See” 
Broken Nature, La Triennale di Milano, IT