2. Exploring the cosmology of a leftover land II

In collaboration with Roberta Di Cosmo, supported by Waterschool M4H+ by Studio Makkink&Bey
Funded by Experiment Grant Scheme Fund by Stimulerings Fond

Starting from the notion of the third landscape, it is that we decide to follow the narrating voice of nature in those lands where it reclaims its presence. Humans live in a world. Every other species does too. According to the perspective, these worlds might be the same and perfectly aligned, or different and irrevocably dissociated. Narration becomes a tool for shaping and sharing the experience; Live Action Role Play allows to portray the reality shifting from the human eye which is looking at it. The game-shaped research aims to explore places where the absence of human activity has created a refuge for the preservation of biological diversity. What is weeds becomes here a place and a privileged element of ecological change.

The design of prompts and suits has been designed in collaboration with Flora Lechner and realized by Flora Lechner.

Pictures by Alessandra Gatto and Marco Pelos