🚀️ There is no space in space

Project developed as part of the research program At The Border by A/D/O
Research and installation in collaboration with Matilde Losi and Adele Vivet

In this atmosphere where a lot of space is giving to the topic of space colonies, a closer look at what has been done in order to allow human life in the outer space is offered. For this reason, our investigation subject became ISS, the international space station, the very tangible attempt to enable human beings to be in the space for a fixed amount of time. Following a sort of rocket launching procedure, the ISS is first presented from its very outside, going through its interiors to end up looking at everyday human activities. 3 zooms-in for 3 different chapters telling about pro and cons of taking off the Earth and mainly about how little is left of the initial concept of the Space Station Freedom (1980) on the current ISS.

Freedom of movement is not there.
Freedom from subjection to domination is not there.
Freedom as of being independent of necessity is not there.
For freedom there is no space in the space.